Email – This is HEAVEN! aka Fill Your Business With Ideal Clients [9/19/17]

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Hi Superstar!

I gotta warn ya, I’ve been on FIRE these past few weeks – full of inspiration that I’m channeling into high-value content for YOU!

I spent most of last week immersed in video interviews and trainings and it felt like being back in school again, but it was HEAVEN because it was all about a topic I love! I was so inspired that I’d have to stop the video numerous times to write a new post or jot down ideas.

Some people would hate this and feel like they’d lost a full week of work or that they’d be better off lounging on the beach, but I was having so much fun!

THIS is what it’s all about – finding those things that light you up and make you tick and then building a business around that.

I flipping LOVE learning new things (especially innovative new ideas) and then distilling it down to the parts that will actually help you – without all the stuff that makes it overwhelming – and then handing it to you in a simple blog post, video or email. (That’s always been part of my U.S.P. and I finally have a way to embrace it, now that I have my own business!)

Which means I have a TON of new content for you, so get ready for a business boosting ADVENTURE!

This week, we’re working through the IDEAL framework in the Real To Ideal Superstars group on Facebook. This week’s topic is focused on Filling Your Client Roster With Ideal Clients so if that’s something you’re interested in doing, hop over to the Superstars group and join the conversation!

Real To Ideal Superstars group on FB


There’s also a brand new post on the Real To Ideal Blog that explains the math behind converting leads into paying clients – so you KNOW how many people you need to get in front of in order to make the income and impact you desire. You can jump over to that post right here:

Book More Clients With A Clear Client Attraction Formula


Like I said, I’m having a BLAST creating new content (and a new Challenge), so this is just a hint of what I’ve got cooking up for ya! If there’s a topic you’re interested in or a problem you’d like help solving, let me know. I’d be happy to record a video, write a post or email or something to help. Just hit reply on this email and let me know what you’d like to see. Or, if you’re listening to this post, you can leave a comment right here on the page.


Here’s to your IDEAL Success!!


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