Surround Yourself With Success

To reach a higher level of success, you need to surround yourself with successful people.  Wealth consciousness is contagious.

This week in the Spirited Solopreneur Success Kit program, we talked about connecting with peers and influencers in your industry.  We covered obvious reasons like – getting the attention of someone more successful than you can boost your biz in front of a wider audience.  And sure, that’s definitely a wonderful thing to pursue!!

But I don’t want that notion to overshadow the BEST reason for getting to know peers and influencers who have achieved the level of success you crave and strive for:  


One of the most important things you need – to bring your own business to the next level, to elevate your mindset and align your vibration with wealth and success – is to surround yourself with people who have already made it.  There really is no substitute for being immersed in a successful mindset, having conversations with people who really get it because they’ve lived it.

For every well-intentioned but detrimental comment or advice from friends or family members who simply can’t dream as big as you, you NEED to hear high-vibration tales of success from people who have already achieved it.  People who are living, breathing, real-life examples of what’s totally possible.

You Need Successful People In Your Life

You need to hear about what it’s like to have everything you asked for in life.  What it’s like to buy a house/a car/a dream vacation with the massive fortune you made in a single year.  You need to hear people talk about the wonderful things they do to spoil their team members because they can afford to and because they truly appreciate all the beautiful work their team does.

Not only that, but people who are ahead of you, who have reached higher levels of success and are living the dream, were in the same situation you’re in now (and it probably wasn’t all that long ago either!).  They can relate to what you’re going through and they may have a few tips or tricks to share.  Lessons they learned along the way that will help you leap to the next step with less struggle.

You’ve most likely heard the adage that YOU are the sum of the 5 or 6 people you spend most of your time with.  Are you happy with the messages, support, mindset, etc. of those 5 or 6 people?  If not, it would be VERY beneficial to join a mastermind of successful people, join a group of high-vibe entrepreneurs like yourself, a master’s circle of people in your industry or something like that.  Even if it costs money, it might be worth it, because this kind of mindset is crucial to your massive success.

Without spending time with people who have succeeded, whether online or off, you stay small.  It’s almost impossible to see for yourself, but it can be very destructive.

Do You Feel Guilty For Acting Like A Successful, Bad-Ass Leader Would?

Pay attention to people who cringe or sneer when you tell them how much you spent on something that you felt was very valuable.  

  • Ever tell your family that you’ve hired a coach/mentor/strategist and then shrink or backpedal when they’re shocked at how much you paid?
  • Ever see something you wanted to buy SO badly and you were convinced it would benefit you royally but you’re afraid to tell your significant other that you bought it because you knew he/she won’t understand?
  • Ever feel guilty for investing in yourself or your biz no matter what the ROI is?

That’s playing small!  That’s being surrounded by people who don’t get it!  That’s what it’s like to be surrounded by people who aren’t dreaming as big as you and who (even unconsciously) are holding you back.

You don’t have to cut these people out of your life (unless you want to) but you DO need to cancel out their low-vibe effect on you by spending an equal amount of time with successful people who radiate wealth consciousness, gratitude, business wisdom, big dreams, big-scary-stretch goals and stratosphere high vibrations!

Pinpoint who these muses are for you.  Seek them out.  Be always looking for people you are magnetically attracted to and resonate with.  Orbit people who have achieved what you hope to achieve.  And slowly, genuinely make their acquaintance.  Chances are they’re friendly and happy to help.  Chances are they’ll like you too.  And best of all, they’ll help you come out of your shell, help you stop playing small, help you SHINE in your own way, just by being themselves and inspiring you to be YOUR self.

So when people talk about connecting with your peers and getting on the radar of influencers in your industry, remember it’s not just what they can do for your biz by endorsing you or inviting you to guest blog for their giant audience.  It’s also amazing what they can do simply by being incredible people and helping you figure out how to be your own special kind of incredible.

Because someday, that brilliant ball of inspiration that lights the path is going to be you!  And the next generation of new entrepreneurs are going to gravitate to you and try to be part of your world so they can learn from you.  Become the leader you’re destined to be by surrounding yourself with leaders who are destined to light the way.

Immerse yourself in success on all levels, from every angle.

#FindYourIdeal and go after it with all your heart and soul  <3

Here’s to your MASSIVE Success!!


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