If You Want To Make Money, You’ll Have To Get Specific

Wanna know why you’re not bringing in enough clients?  I’d bet money it’s because you’re being too vague in one or more areas of your business.

Either you’re still trying to speak to everyone and not narrowing your niche enough.  (I know, it’s CRAZY hard in the beginning and it makes no sense that this is the ticket to more clients.  But you’ll learn.  Or you’ll give up.  If you don’t want to give up, keep reading!)

Does this sound familiar:
When someone says you need to get super specific about the RESULTS people get from working with you – that you need to clearly state the benefits your clients will experience – do you say, “Well it’s going to be different for everyone?”

Your services are so well rounded that you can help with a wide range of problems/benefits, right?

While that may be true, no one is going to hire you until you pinpoint what specifically they will receive/experience.

Maybe every client WILL experience something different. But they’re all coming to you with some specific problem that you can solve. If you don’t know what that is, then maybe you haven’t worked with enough people yet.

You’re not alone!  Almost all new business owners try to appeal to everyone by keeping their results/benefits broad or vague.


But successful boss babes – the ones who rake in good money on a consistent basis – tell you exactly what problem they can solve and the specific benefits of working with them.  [Click To Tweet that!]

That’s how we consistently rake in the clients and $$$.


I’m guilty of it myself!  Just look at this offer for example:

FREE Mini-coaching session to solve one area you’re struggling with. Just show up with your problem and we’ll find a solution within 20-30 mins.

ONE person responded to that offer. Why? Because it doesn’t explain AT ALL who this is for nor what problem it solves. It’s 100% vague!

Now look at this one:

FREE 20 minute mini-coaching call to help you create amazing sales copy straight from your heart that will inspire your ideal clients to gleefully grab their wallets.

5 people responded to this post within the first few hours! I ended up filling my schedule with mini-coaching sessions after publishing this offer.

Do you see the difference? I posted the first offer because I really can help people with a variety of problems. I was shocked that no one took me up on it.

So I got more specific – I chose the issue I would help people with – and it spoke directly to people who are struggling and looking for solutions. It clearly defines who the offer is for (biz owners who want to make more money) and what I do (help create killer sales copy).

YOU know your services are killer and you can help a wide range of people with a diverse range of problems.  But THEY don’t know that.

Your potential clients don’t know WHAT you do until you clearly state who you help & what results they’ll get.  Just like narrowing your niche down – if you try to sell to everyone, you end up selling to no one.  Same goes with your offers, promos, sales pages, webinars, opt-in freebies and everything else you do.

Get specific or watch your biz die.  ;)

So what do you think?  Ready to rock this technique in your own biz?  Dive into either of these fun freebies to put this concept to work for you:

Interactive Workbook to DIY your way to more customers

Book a free mini-coaching session to work 1:1

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