Stop Working So Hard And Let The Brilliance Happen

Interested in taking your biz to the next level of massive success?  Trying to come up with your next million dollar idea and nothing’s there?  The truth is, you’re working too hard!  Here’s a healthy strategy for growing your business.

I can remember so many instances while building/designing/growing Real to Ideal where I wanted to make some aspect of it more wonderful. More adventurous, more successful, more effective, distinctive, astonishing, revolutionary, liberating.

I would lose myself in this search for better-ness for whole weekends. Mastermind homework wouldn’t get done, blog posts would be cast aside, everything would grind to a halt for 2 days while I searched the depths of my soul for more meaning.

Is my niche focused enough? Is my brand distinctive enough? How can I show online people more of my adventurous side? How can I redesign my coaching offers to bring even more value and better results to my clients?

I was CONSTANTLY up-leveling. Which is good for business, to keep pushing out of your comfort zone and leaning into your edge (which at times felt like leaning over the edge!) but it can also be bad for business when it stops you dead in your tracks and prevents you from moving forward.

And that’s the real catch-22.

You want to keep moving forward, but you NEED space to grow, you need time away from the action of running a business so you can daydream about what kind of business you want to run.  [Tweet that!]

You need to let your inner child take over for a day or 2, to let your natural curiosity lead you down unexplored paths, to be quiet enough that your intuition isn’t merely heard, it’s blasting all of its wisdom into your conscious mind!

I find it so incredibly easy to help other people get the results they crave but it takes such extreme measures sometimes for me to dive as deep into my own story as I take my clients through multiple times every week.

Sometimes it’s yoga, sometimes it’s an entire day reading fantasy fiction and lying on the floor with a notebook to write down the zillions of ideas that will hit me in between pages of faerie-assassin adventures. Sometimes it’s a day-long hike and dinner at a seaside cafe to get my creative juices flowing.

But one thing’s for sure, it never happens in front of my laptop while I’m surfing FB groups or tweaking my website for the millionth time. It only happens when I get space from work. Passive time spent embracing feminine energy and going with the flow until I’m being carried by a river of ideas that will dump me in an ocean of A-HA moments.


And this is your homework for today – book the NEXT AVAILABLE day on your calendar, whether it be this coming Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, whatever. Next possible chance you can create on your calendar, spend an entire day unplugged from your phone and laptop and keep a notebook and pen with you at all times.

Find somewhere you can daydream, experience spaciousness, feel free, get lost, get carried away. And then do exactly that. Be ready to write down every burst of inspiration you get. No matter how silly/stupid/crazy it seems at the time, WRITE IT DOWN. You never know which one of those ridiculous ideas will be the next Disney, the next Google, the next insane breakthrough in your magical biz.

Here’s to your most INSPIRED success!

2 thoughts on “Stop Working So Hard And Let The Brilliance Happen”

    • I’m so relieved to hear you’ve figured this out Erica!
      Too many people get burned out without realizing that the overwhelm is trapping some of their light – the light that the world needs in order to find them and see them.
      Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you enjoyed this!


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