Prepare Your Business To Run Without You Before Vacations And Holiday Weekends

I like to think of the Thanksgiving weekend as a test-run for the end of December break when most business owners would prefer to spend a week or two offline to unplug and recharge.

This is an opportunity to find out where your business successfully runs without you and areas where it doesn’t.

Scheduling social media posts and blog posts before a vacation is a no-brainer.
But is your business set up to respond to comments on those posts in a timely manner?
What happens when a potential client reaches out for more info or wants to buy?
If someone pays you while you’re offline, will they feel nourished until you return?
If they click a link to book a call with you but see nothing available on your calendar until January, will they click away and never come back?

Use your experiences this week – especially anything that “breaks down” – to make a list of things you want to have in place before your next vacation.

💌 What needs automated before then?
💌 What needs scheduled?
💌 What autoresponders need to be implemented?
💌 Who needs to be hired to handle customer service (and social media management) while your offline?

💌 What do you need to fully unplug, without feeling like your biz will fall apart?

💌 What do your existing clients and potential new clients need to feel like they’re being nourished even when you’re not in front of your computer?

Start working on the list this weekend so you have a clear plan of action next week.

(It’s also nice to have a list to work through when you come back from a long holiday and you’re brain is too muddled to know what you’re supposed to be doing!)

That way, this week’s obstacles become next month’s opportunities!

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