Get More Clients With Captivating Content [Part 3 of 4]

Your content will attract the right people at the right time with less time, effort, and money invested when you know what to talk about (day after day after day), where to talk about it, and who to talk to.

And, of course, you need to show up consistently and talk about what you do in a way that resonates with your ideal clients.

It’s not easy to find new ways to say the same things over and over again, every day, for years!

And that’s where a lot of businesses get stuck when it comes to marketing.

But here’s the trick – it actually gets easier to talk about this every day and get bigger, better ROI from your time, energy and money when you create content that converts. When you use your content to CHOOSE which clients to attract, you build Know, Like, and Trust with the RIGHT people and turn them into paying clients.

Clear and captivating content works hard 24/7 to attract, convert, and sell (so you don’t have to!) 

Of course, it starts with making sure your content is showing up in the right place to reach your ideal clients when they’re ready to listen. Part 1 of this series covers that in great detail.

You know you’re showing up in the right place with the right message when your audience gets involved in the conversation. In part 2 of this series, we looked at how engagement is the key to keeping your ideal clients’ attention and reaching wider audiences (without investing a lot in ads).

When done well, your content will attract dream clients at a time they’re actively looking for help, but it will also do most of the selling for you. So by the time they reach you (or your sales page), they’re ready to buy!

3 Types Of Captivating Content

I like to look at this from 3 different angles:

– Attracting your soulmate clients while repelling everyone else. Because let’s face it, there’s only so much of YOU to go around and you don’t want to waste time and energy on people who aren’t right for you and vice versa.

– Showing your soulmate clients why YOU are the #1 person they want to work with, thereby eliminating the competition. You become the one and only person and they will do whatever it takes to work with YOU.

– Letting your content do the selling for you so they’re ready to buy by the time they hit your sales page.

Today let’s dive into the first 2 points: creating content that stands out from the noise and gets the attention of your ideal clients.

Using A Content Marketing Strategy To ATTRACT Clients

Your content – whether it’s blog posts, live videos, social media posts, YouTube videos, stories, client successes, lead magnets, speaking engagements, or any other form of content – attracts exactly who it’s written for. If you want to change ANYTHING about the type of people your business is attracting, it starts with how you show up, how you speak and what you talk about.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe,” but more importantly your message SPEAKS directly to people who “get” what you’re saying and who like the way it makes them feel. (Everyone else will scroll past or bounce and that’s a good thing!)


So if you’re not attracting your ideal clients, then your content simply isn’t speaking to them. Worse, it might be repelling them!


High caliber clients don’t hire people who are publishing formulaic content. We don’t click on ads that use hype, exaggeration or B.S. We don’t sign up for email lists from people who haven’t come out of their shell yet and seem uncomfortable talking about their business.

Your clients are looking for something they haven’t tried before, something they haven’t thought of before and something that no one else is talking about. THAT’S where you will stand out and attract them! So say it loudly and proudly!

Infusing Your Content With A Clear & Captivating Message

Infusing Your Content With A Clear & Captivating Message

The next step in standing out from the noise and being recognized as THE go-to gal in your field is infusing your content with a clear and captivating message.

You want to show your audience that YOU are unmistakably the one and only person they want to work with by letting your content ooze your business values, your unique voice and your U.S.P.

This starts with having a very clear focus to all your content.

You want to be KNOWN for something very specific. Something that’s very easy to understand and communicate.

For example, ALL of my content clearly SPEAKS to business owners who want to make a difference in the world (my ideal client – rebels with a cause!)

It talks specifically about how to use enlightened marketing to authentically stand out from the noise and connect with ideal clients (my USP, which no one else is talking about).

And it shows a very clear path towards these goals with a very specific solution (showing up in the right place with the right message at the right time to get the best results with the least investment of time/effort/money).

You Have To Stop Being Vague

You can’t do this if you’re still trying to appeal to everyone.

You also can’t do this if your end results are vague.

I know you’re crazy talented and you can help your clients achieve their dream life. But what kind of dream life can you specifically help them get? The dream of being happy with their physical body? The dream of doing work they love? The dream of buying their first dream home? The dream of retiring their spouse and working from the road?


Stand Out From The Noise With Captivating Content

Your content stands out when it stands for something. [Tweet This!]

When your followers know what your vision is, they rally behind you to support that vision. It positions you as a leader and influencer because you’re pushing the envelope on what’s possible in your niche and challenging the status quo your followers are stuck in.

It doesn’t have to be “revolutionary” like my message, you can lead with a quiet power too. But make no mistake, your fans and followers are stuck in some kind of status quo that they want to break out of. They want to break free of something and THAT’S what they’re willing to pay for.

Even if you’re not building an “innovative” brand, the fact that you’re here, building an online business around what lights you up and what changed your life, you’re pushing the envelope of what was possible in your industry just 10-20 years ago.
And you’re showing your audience that there’s a better way.

So stop holding back, stop being shy, and stop worrying about all the people who might not like what you have to say. You’re not here to help everyone you’re here to help the people who are jumping up and down excited about your clear and captivating message because it puts into words exactly what they’ve been thinking, feeling, and struggling with!



Now that you’ve seen the strategy behind content that effectively attracts followers and converts to more sales, does this feel like something you can do in your business?

Do you feel like you’re effectively communicating your unique message in a way that holds your audience’s interest?
If not, that’s ok! Now you know where to focus your time and efforts!

And you don’t have to do this alone. Ask a friend to read through your content and then tell you what they think you do and who you help. Or work with your coach on this. If you’d rather talk with a marketing expert, get in touch. I’d be happy to help you hone your captivating message to make sure it’s attracting the right people.

You can email me here on this site, or message me at



Stay tuned for Part 4 of this series where we’ll dive into how your content converts followers into paying (repeat) customers.

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Your content should be doing most of the heavy lifting in your business so you enjoy a steady stream of ideal clients who are ready to buy by the time they reach you or your sales page. #marketing #content #strategy

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