Content That Converts Fans Into Customers [Part 4]

Your content is a portfolio of your work AND your top salesperson.

Which is why it makes sense to arrange your content in such a way that you consistently guide ideal clients closer to buying from you while building their trust in you, trust in your results, and trust in their ability to get results from you.

There are three kinds of content every successful sales process/sales funnel needs:

💌 Content that ATTRACTS the right people at the right time to be ready to buy

💌 Content that CONVERTS fans into potential buyers

💌 Content that SELLS so they grab their wallets with glee and say YES!

Your sales funnel won’t work unless it has each of these types of content.
One piece of content CAN do all of these things! But make no mistake, you need all 3 components to succeed.

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at WHERE you need to show up to get your ideal client’s attention.

In Part 2 we looked at how to start a conversation with your audience

and in Part 3 we dove deeper into content that ATTRACTS.

So let’s use Part 4 to examine how you can use your content to convert readers into buyers so they say YES when presented with an offer.

Content That Converts Shows Your Reader How To Win

No matter what you’re selling, your clients buy because they want some kind of win in their life.

We buy food because we want to feel strong and healthy. We buy clothes because we want to be seen as successful in business. We buy fantasy fiction because we want to feel inspired and creative.

In other words, we buy food because we want a win for our bodies, we buy clothes because we want a win for our bank accounts, and we buy books because we want a win for our minds.

Every purchase we make is a desire to win in some area. So, when it’s time to attract and convert buyers, the key is to show them how your product or service will help them win.

Your free content (blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, etc.) should provide some kind of free win before your reader is offered anything to buy.


When a potential customer gets a win for free, it builds trust AND overcomes their biggest objections to buying ~ their lack of faith that this will work for them.


You may be asking yourself, well, what kind of win does a person get from simply reading something?

There are all kinds of wins we get from reading everyday. Reading makes us feel smarter, inspires us to action, changes the way we think, challenges our beliefs, and helps us make better decisions.

So ask yourself, what kind of win can you deliver to your reader, that will inspire trust in your paid offers?

One way is to use your content to demonstrate your skills, helping your ideal clients get a win and lining them up to buy the next step from you.

Helping your clients get a win before they’ve spent a dime is the most effective way to inspire them to buy.

Guiding them through that win with your content not only builds their trust in you and your work but also creates belief in their own abilities to get results from you.

Content That Converts Fans Into Customers

More Work For Your Content, Less Work For You

By the time they’ve opted in to your list, they already feel like they know you and like you.

By the time they request a sales call, they already trust you and your results and they’re ready for more. The sales call becomes more about you interviewing them to make sure it’s a good match. They’re already sold on you!

When used correctly, your brand and your content do all the heavy lifting in your business. Your marketing works for you 24/7, all over the world. And your message attracts a steady stream of ideal clients into your offers.



You don’t need a lot of content to attract, connect, and convert fans into customers. You can take your ideal client through all the steps with a single blog post or social media post.

The key is to show them that you have the solution, it’s the solution they want, and they too can get results from your solution.

The quickest way to do that is to help them get a quick win from your free content. Think of it as a “try before you buy” opportunity.

Then, they’ll be ready for the next step in their client journey, ready to go deeper into your sales funnel, and ready to entertain a purchase decision.



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Your content is a portfolio of your work AND your top salesperson. Make it work for you! #marketing #content #strategy

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