Content That Converts Fans Into Customers [Part 4]

Content That Converts Fans Into Customers

You don’t need a lot of content to attract, connect, and convert fans into customers. You can take your readers from passerby to paying customer with a single blog post or social media post. Just make sure your content covers ALL 3 steps needed to earn their money (and trust!)

Do You Have The Right Social Media Goals For Results?

If you’re unhappy with the results you’re seeing from your social media efforts, it could be that you haven’t picked the right goals for WHY you’re showing up on social media and how that translates to the goals you want.

Your Sales Funnel Is Scaring Ideal Clients Away!

The difference between YOUR sales funnel and a wildly successful one. How to find and fix the broken links. #marketing #coaching #clients

What to do when you’ve tried All.The.Things but nothing seems to work. It’s time to stop guessing and learn what REALLY goes into a highly successful sales funnel. (Plus checklist to find where your funnel is leaking ideal clients and losing money!)