Get More Clients With Content Marketing [Part 2 of 3]

You know you need to show up consistently and talk about what you do in a way that resonates with your ideal clients. Consistency is hard enough, especially finding new ways to talk about the same things day in and day out!

But here’s the thing – it actually gets easier to talk about this everyday and get bigger, better ROI from your time, energy and money when you create content that converts. When you use your content to CHOOSE which clients to attract, you build Know, Like, and Trust with the RIGHT people and turn them into paying clients.

When done well, your content will attract the dream clients at a time they’re actively looking for help, but it will also do the selling for you. So by the time they reach out to you, they’re ready to buy!

I like to look at this from 3 different angles:

  • Attracting your soulmate clients while repelling everyone else. Because, let’s face it, there’s only so much of YOU to go around and you don’t want to waste time and energy on people who aren’t right for you and vice versa.
  • Showing your soulmate clients why YOU are the #1 person they want to work with, thereby eliminating the competition. You become the one and only person and they will do whatever it takes to work with YOU.
  • Letting your content do the selling for you so they’re ready to buy by the time they hit your sales page.

And, just like I described in part 1 – this means less time and effort on your part because your content is out there selling your genius 24/7/365 days a year on autopilot. You spend less time looking for ideal clients because ideal clients are lining up to work with you.

(Part 1 explains how content marketing helps you get more clients with less time and effort and can be found here.)

So let’s look at each of those 3 parts in more detail:

Using A Content Marketing Strategy To ATTRACT Clients

Your content – whether it’s blog posts, FB live videos, Tweets, youTube videos, stories, client successes, lead magnets or any other form of content – attracts exactly who it’s written for. If you want to change ANYTHING about the type of people your business attracts, it’s all in how you show up, how you speak and what you talk about. Your vibe attracts your tribe, but more importantly your message SPEAKS directly to people who “get” what you’re saying and like the way it makes them feel, while repelling everyone else.

So if you’re not attracting your ideal clients, then your content simply isn’t speaking to them. Worse, it might be repelling them!

High caliber clients don’t hire people who are publishing formulaic content. We don’t click on ads that use hype, exaggeration or B.S. We don’t sign up for email lists from people who haven’t come out of their shell yet and are showing up as someone who isn’t comfortable showing up.

1 ~ Step one to attracting amazing clients is to be your own, unique amazing self.

YOU are amazing! Your work is amazing! You know it and I know it. Now you just need to show your ideal clients how amazing you are and why they NEED to work with you!

2 ~ Step two is to let your audience see your amazing self and the incredible work you do.

A lot of people will tell you to just be yourself, document your life, follow your bliss and then share it online – which is exactly how you build know, like, and trust with your audience. But if you were to stop there, you’d have a business that’s fun but not profitable. Which ceases to be fun after awhile! You need to shine brightly online but you also need an effective strategy to show why your audience should care.

What’s in it for them? How do they benefit from you shining your brightest? It’s not about how blissful your day was, it’s about what this means for your audience. Is it meant to inspire them? Empower them? Show them what’s possible?

Once you’re clear on who you are and how to shine your brightest in a way that inspires your audience, you need to make your content unmistakably, uniquely YOU so it gets noticed and recognized:

3 ~ Step three is to get their attention with content that STANDS OUT from the noise and positions you as the #1 go-to gal in your field. The one and ONLY person they want to work with!

You can’t write the same posts that everyone else is writing. You can’t structure your ads exactly like everyone else. You can’t use the same buzz words, industry jargon and vague promises that newbies use in their content. (Well, technically you can do all that, but it won’t take you far.)

Another newbie mistake which makes it hard to get your ideal client’s attention is meeting them at the wrong part of their journey from WHY to BUY.

When your ideal clients are struggling with the kinds of things you help them solve, they don’t already KNOW what the problem is. YOU know what the root cause is, because you eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff! But all they know is it sucks and they want to change it.

They don’t go online knowing the solution and how to search for it. They go online with a list of symptoms and try to find out WHY this is happening to them.

They’re looking for the cause, but all they know are the symptoms.

Notice how I titled this blog post series “Get More Clients…” because you and I can agree that this is the symptom – you don’t have enough clients to fully thrive and grow your business to the next level.

Client attracting content that converts is the best way to change that and enjoy MORE sales, MORE money, and MORE success!

But you probably didn’t show up here today already knowing that you need content that converts in order to attract more clients. You just knew you wanted more clients.

That’s why it’s vital to meet your ideal clients where they are on their journey when they’re ready to take action and implement a solution. Preferably the solution YOU offer!

Don’t assume they know the root cause of their struggle and will recognize it when you put the solution to that root cause out there. (This post isn’t called “Here’s The Content Marketing Solution You’ve Been Looking For!”)

Also don’t try to catch them 3 steps before or after the point where they’re ready to buy. There will be a time and place for investing your time and energy into creating content for people who aren’t ready for change yet. For nurturing people who will want your solution someday. Your job right now is to attract the people who are ready to buy today!

So start with the segment of people who are asking WHY is this happening and take them quickly to BUY this solution. Once you’ve tapped into that market, you can focus more energy on expanding into other markets.

Be their guide on the journey from WHY to BUY. (And when done right, it feels like destiny placed you in their path and is guiding them deeper, not you!)

Of course, in order to speak directly to your ideal clients, you need to know exactly who you’re talking to. Be clear, let them see right away who this is for and what it will achieve.

Infusing Your Content With A Clear & Captivating Message

The next step in standing out from the noise and being recognized as THE go-to gal in your field is infusing your content with a clear and captivating message.

You want to show your audience that YOU are unmistakably the one and only person they want to work with by letting your content ooze your business values, your unique voice and your U.S.P.

This starts with having a VERY clear focus to all your content.

You want to be KNOWN for something very specific. Something that’s very easy to understand and communicate.

My focus is helping small businesses GROW – their impact, their income and their ability to make the world a better place by reaching as many people as possible, and giving back.

Helping business owners create content that converts is HOW I help them achieve these goals.

ALL my content clearly SPEAKS to business owners who want to make a difference in the world (my ideal client). It talks specifically about the challenges we face at different stages of our business (growing our following and attracting new clients). It shows a very clear path towards these goals with a very specific solution (using content that converts to grow our followings and attract new clients).

You can’t do this if you’re still trying to appeal to everyone. You also can’t do this if your end results are vague. I know you’re crazy talented and you can help your clients achieve their dream life. But what kind of dream life can you specifically help them get? The dream of being happy with their physical body? The dream of doing work they love? The dream of buying their first dream home? The dream of retiring their spouse and working from the road?

Even if you really can help them achieve ALL these things, you still need to pick ONE to talk about now. Attract all the people who want that ONE thing now before you start expanding and adding additional outcomes. Be known as someone who can get results in ONE area before trying to do it all.

This actually makes your business WAY easier to run too! You don’t have to create ALL.The.Things ALL the time. You can fully express one area and channel all your creativity to filling your schedule with paying clients who all want the same thing.

Stand Out From The Noise With Captivating Content

I CAPTIVATE my audience by sharing stories you can relate to. Tapping into what you’re thinking and feeling. Talking about how I’ve solved the kinds of obstacles you’re also running into.

My social media posts oooooze my vision of a revolutionary rising tide of solopreneurs who are growing a MOVEMENT that will change the world! My content reinforces my business values, my WHY and my unique voice.

Every blog post, FB post, Tweet, video and freebie positions me as the thought leader and influencer who’s using evolution, revolution and authentic, no-B.S. business building to change the world.

You can do all this too with a clear and captivating message that resonates with your audience and ideal clients.

Your content stands out when it stands for something. When your followers know what your vision is, they rally behind you to support that vision. It positions you as a leader and influencer because you’re pushing the envelope on what’s possible in your niche and challenging the status quo your followers are stuck in.

It doesn’t have to be “revolutionary” like my message, you can lead with a quiet power too. But make no mistake, your fans and followers are stuck in some kind of status quo that they want to break out of. They want free of something and THAT’S what they’re willing to pay for.

Even if you’re not building an “innovative” brand, the fact that you’re here, building an online business around what lights you up and what changed your life, you’re pushing the envelope of what was possible in your industry just 10-20 years ago.

And you’re showing your audience that there’s a better way.


Let Your Content Do The Selling So Fans Become Paying Clients

Your content is a portfolio of your work AND your top salesperson. You can set your content up in such a way that you consistently guide ideal clients closer to buying from you while building their trust in you, your results, and their ability to get results from you.

One way is to use your content to demonstrate your skills, helping your ideal clients get a win and lining them up to buy the next step from you.

Helping your clients get a win before they’ve spent a dime is the most effective way to inspire them to buy.

Guiding them through that win not only builds their trust in you and your work, but also creates belief in their own abilities to get results from you.

By the time they’ve opted in to your list, they already feel like they know you and like you.
By the time they request a sales call, they already trust you, your results and they’re ready for more. The sales call becomes more about you interviewing them to make sure it’s a good match. They’re already sold on you!

Sales calls become a breeze. You start to look forward to them because you know they’re likely to end in a new sale. You stop dreading that you’ll waste your time with people who aren’t interested in investing.


This is a lot to process and we haven’t even started applying this to YOUR specific situation. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging!

Now you know why your message and your content are so important for growing your movement, and how big a part the client journey and psychology play in your success. But we haven’t pinpointed exactly how to get all these results with YOUR content. Don’t worry, we’ll dive into HOW with future posts, free live trainings and more.

But if you can’t wait to get started, you can download the free PDF workbook to craft YOUR Clear & Captivating Message right now:

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In Part 3 of the Get More Clients series, we’re going to talk about strategy, promoting and marketing your content to get in front of the right people and grow your following.

If you clicked that link to be notified via FB Messenger, I’ll send you a link when Part 3 is published next week.  :) 

A clear content marketing strategy can help you attract ideal clients on autopilot which is the best and easiest ROI for your time, energy and money. #marketing #coaching #clients

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