The Missing Link In Your Social Media Sales Strategy

If ideal clients aren’t lining up to buy from you every single month, then yes ~

there’s a missing link in your social media sales strategy!


If you show up on social media consistently but it isn’t translating to sales, then yes ~

there’s a missing link in your social media sales strategy!


It’s not enough to simply post on social media everyday.

You need a plan.

A map of where your ideal clients are and the easiest way for them to reach your offer, ready to buy.


How often have you heard something like:

If you build it, they will come…

Showing up consistently on social media is the key to success….

Having fun is how you attract ideal clients….

Promote your offer until you’re tired of hearing and then promote it some more!

You don’t need a website, just a Facebook page and great content…


All of this is true.

But all of this is vague.


What are you supposed to talk about?

How does having fun  translate to sales?

You’ve promoted your offer and you ARE sick of it, but it hasn’t sold enough yet.

You post awesome stuff but you feel like it’s not reaching the right people.


Isn’t there a better way!?!?

Or maybe you’re just missing something?

A missing link that will tie all these pieces together and lead to consistent monthly income?


Let me start by saying ~ you’re not alone!

And this isn’t a sign that you’re “not cut out for this” or your “business is a failure!”


Soooooooo much goes into building a successful business from scratch.

All those things you do when you’re new ~ they’re intended to get you started.

They’re not intended to take you to the next level and beyond.


Showing up on social media every day and talking about your specialty, your message, your solutions, and your offers is how you get your feet wet.

It’s how you learn about the waters you’re going to swim in.


Learning social media for business is like testing the waters at a new swimming spot. White sea foam and clear, turquoise salt water hover over bright tan sand.


It’s how you test the temperature, the floor, the buoyancy. Is this a pool or the ocean? Is it saltwater, bath water, or chlorine? Is it crowded or quiet? What kinds of people like to hang out here? Is it sunny or shaded?


Business is like that. It’s an adventure!


It’s your first time visiting this particular pool/lake/ocean.

You’re looking for the best place to set up your towel.

You’re testing the shallow parts before exploring the depths.


After playing in the water for awhile, you’ve noticed that the best fish are in the deeper waters.


So now it’s time to go deeper.


Showing up on social media without a plan is like treading water in the ocean. Eventually you'll burn out. View of swimming under green and blue water.


The way you’ve been showing up on social media every day is like treading water.

It’s a lot of work and eventually you’ll get too tired to avoid drowning.

But if you build a boat, you can enjoy the deep water without burning out.


And if you think about it, this is how your ideal clients are going to see you ~ either treading water looking a bit exhausted, or lounging on your boat and enjoying the hell out of life.


But again, how does that translate to sales?


If social media is your entire strategy, it won’t.

You’ll be stuck treading water and searching for income every month.

Your ideal clients will surround you like hungry fish, but you’ll starve because you can’t catch them.

Which is depressing. Seeing the potential for success like that, but not being able to reach it.


We like to think that people will reach out when they’re ready to buy.

But expecting your ideal client to find their own way through your system is a MUCH bigger hurdle for them than simply saying YES to the sale!

It’s like expecting fish to figure out how to jump into the boat on their own. You need a net, or a funnel, or some way of guiding them safely onto the boat.


Ok, we’re talking about your ideal clients now. We don’t literally want to trap them in a net!

So let’s switch it up a little.


Meet Your Ideal Clients On Social, Then Offer Them A Luxury Ride To Your Solution


Imagine standing on one side of the ocean and shouting across to your ideal client on the other side, saying I have exactly what you need to succeed, so just tap me on the shoulder and let’s get started…


  • Yeah, let me just cross this GIANT OCEAN without a boat first!


Wouldn’t it be easier to get the YES if you sent a boat over to pick them up and met them on the beach with a cocktail in one hand and flowers in the other?


Give your ideal clients a way to travel in style through your sales funnel and they'll arrive ready to buy! Luxury yacht with jacuzzi and deck blue chairs.


That’s the difference between a new business treading water on social media and a successful business that makes consistent monthly income.

Successful businesses have a boat.


Your sales system (or sales funnel) is the boat that meets your ideal clients where THEY are and guides them easily to your offer.

When done right, it feels amazing.


Like enjoying the ride on a luxury yacht instead of trying to figure out how to swim across or build their own raft.


Ready to build an ocean-worthy boat and bring your ideal clients to you?

Ready to show your ideal clients how YOUR offer is the most comfortable ride between where they are now and where they want to be instead?

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