A Day In The Life Of A Tour Manager

A Day in the Life of a Tour Manager

Let me start off by saying I wasn’t only a tour manager. On the same tour, I was also the tour bus mechanic, part-time chef, navigator, sound manager, bus driver and occasionally guitarist. This has its pros and cons – the main pro is that I was blissfully happy with the variety. I did most … Read more

Being Bored & Frustrated At Work Should Be ILLEGAL (Why I Became A Coach)

woman sitting on a stack of race wheels, wearing ear protection and safety glasses while in the background you can see a gold colored Nascar car jacked up with the hood open

Every coach is motivated by something very personal that they have experienced.  For me, it was a string of jobs I loved that were ruined by bad-management.  And because being bored and frustrated at work should be illegal! It’s disrespectful to the person who’s soul is being crushed and it’s wasteful to the company who’s paying … Read more